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Jadeite is considered a royal gem from ancient times, and now it symbolizes harmony, peace, prosperity and happiness.

The jadeite is well known as the "king of jade." The beauty and transparency of jadeite are deeply loved by Asian culture, For a long time, it has been a high jewelry in the category as diamond, ruby and sapphire. Jadeite’s collection price has repeatedly hit the new highs at international auctions in Hong Kong every year.

Jadeite is a crystalline polymer composed of hard jade and other symbiotic minerals. It must contain more than 50% hard jade to be regarded as jadeite and to be distinguished from other kinds of jade.

Most of jadeite is from the northern part of Myanmar and has distinctive features that are incompatible by other types of jade: beautiful color, stable physical properties, strong luster, refractive index and hardness.

There are many derivatives of jade, such as chalcedony, turquoise, and agate which however are considered as semi-precious jewelry, not as precious as jadeite. They look similar as jadeite but the price of them differs a lot from jadeite. This is because these derivatives are common and easy to find, and the output is large. As the price of real jadeite continues to rise, the value between jadeite and derived minerals can reach 300 to 500 times.

CHRISTIE’S Auction Center | Jadeite Bead, Ruby and Diamond Necklace

This auction piece was sold at HK$95,725,000 on November 28, 2017, setting a new Christie’s auction record for natural jadeite bead necklaces.


The jadeite is excavated, cut and polished from rough stone. The craftsman cannot estimate the internal texture before cutting it open. Only highly skilled and experienced craftsmen can make the best use of the jadeite and quarry the jadeite with excellent luster.


One of the fascinating features of jadeite is its variety of colors and this gem can be as clear as glass, or as mellow and thick as marble. The crystal inclusion of jadeite is also various, sometimes visible by naked eye, and sometimes requires the aid of a microscope. The internal tone of the jadeite may appear in the form of dots, stripes or veins.


It is often said that the color of jadeite is ever-changing. When natural gemstones are made into jewelry, it is necessary to carefully study the symmetry of color. The finding process is even more difficult, which creates the extraordinary value of jadeite. Two different rough stones often cannot match each other to form a pair of earrings; excellent jadeite bead chains are often cut and polished from the same rough stone to produce "uniform" jade beads with same color, which is very difficult to obtain. The decisive factor for the bracelet is the "whole piece" of green rough stone without cracks.

Jadeite of TRACEY CHEN

We insist:

1.Only Jadeite from Myanmar

Myanmar jadeite is the only gem-level jadeite recognized internationally, which is quite different from jadeite from other origins such as Australia and Russia.

2.Pure natural Grade A jadeite

Grade A means pure gem-grade jadeite with natural color and no artificial chemical treatment.


3.Strictly selected thick jadeite

The green jadeite is considered as the top grade in the collection market, including imperial green, emerald green and lake green, etc., in addition to violet, orange, white and ink tones. We use thick and high-grade ice waxy jadeite as the design material, which cost more but will present better luster and unique design fashion.

What are Grade A, B and C jadeite?


Only the Grade A jadeite is the precious jadeite. It has good color and different texture, so that jadeite lovers can appreciate and enjoy the outstanding creations of nature, and then collect them. TRACEY CHEN only selects Grade A natural jadeite for our jewelry work to present the contemporary style with natural beauty.

As Myanmar's mineral resources are becoming scarce due to environmental and human constraints, the production of good-quality jadeite is becoming rare, the value of jadeite is getting higher and higher. Therefore, artificially modified jadeite has appeared, which is called the Grade B or Grade C jadeite, depends on the level of chemical treatment. The values of Grade B or Grade C jadeite is low and cannot be compared with Grade A natural jadeite.


Grade A✨: all nature

Grade B: bleached and polymer

Grade C: colored

In addition, the generally called "B+C jadeite", or "optimized treatment of jadeite", refers to the jadeite that has been pickled and filled with glue and then colored to achieve a brightening effect and has no collection value.

You need a trustworthy brand to recommend jadeite jewelry for you. TRACEY CHEN has an unchanging promise of honesty to pick up nature gems in our works. We want to glow your inner light and brings out your true confidence and beauty!

Why is TRACEY CHEN's jadeite jewelry so young and chic?

We broke out the traditional imagination of jadeite by new patent cutting and fashion idea!

Exclusive "Irregular Hand-cutting Patent"

Patent of cutting invention gives jadeite a new fashion life

Tracey hopes, from the Metropolitan Jadeite series, to break down the established old-fashioned impression of jadeite jewelry, and bring jadeite into daily life, and glow out the beauty of individuals on various occasions.

To present a new style of jadeite fashion, Tracey spent three years from buying rough stones, creating non-standard cutting facets and integrating geometric concept into jewelry design.              -- Tatler Taiwan




TRACEY CHEN has an exclusive "irregular cutting patent (invention patent)", which represents TRACEY CHEN's retrospective innovative energy and the ultimate craftsmanship. From the procurement of rough jadeite to the hand-cutting and polishing of the finished product, it requires at least four senior craftsmen to present a new jadeite style with contemporary clean lines.